The project's aim is to develop courses and materials concerning E-Commerce which can help to spread the know how in SMEs across Europe.

The information society is changing rapidly and nearly all firms (even non-software and non-computer firms) are going to be represented on the Internet and establish commercial services over the net. However, this leads to a new job role and profession required in SMEs, which we could call e-commerce and multimedia engineer.

In the project "E-Commerce-Jobs" we plan to develop a skill set for this new profession, a set of training materials for each skill unit within the skill set for an e-commerce and multimedia engineer and make those materials available through a server in the Ceec countries and in the European member states.

We target European universities who want to elaborate on a new type of study called multimedia engineer or e-commerce engineer. The content of the courses will be defined according to industrial needs from SMEs, as the universities shall educate towards future job requirements of SMEs.

We target European SMEs who want to train their personnel in e-commerce issues to professionally establish net-based services and commerce. We will adapt the study program to an industrial course and test with SMEs. This feedback is of high importance to assure that the skills trained are those really needed by the SMEs.